10 Questions With LL Cool J

1. Lip Sync war, which you host, has been a massive hit. What do you think draws people to faux singing?

it is a stupid issue all of us do, whether or not we're making a song within the shower or lip syncing in our cars or getting dressed within the morning. it's a part of who we are as people, the love of music. while the stars come on, they pick something music from something genre they like, and their ardour interprets. It resonates.

2. If you may mission all of us to a lip sync warfare, who could you pick?

I strive not to give it too much idea. I attempt to live in host mode. however it can be everybody. It wouldn't count number who it turned into. that is the fun of it.

3. you've got performed an ex-military SEAL, Sam Hanna, on NCIS: los angeles for 6 seasons now. How do you stay in shape for it?

it's a very bodily show, with quite a few combat scenes. With my man or woman, I don't attempt to shed pounds. I paintings to place on muscle. I run outside and at the treadmill. i exploit the elliptical gadget, I bounce rope, and that i do plenty of sprints to elevate my coronary heart fee. I additionally do weights.

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four. Has health constantly been critical to you?

i have continually loved exercising. It turned into a part of developing up in Queens (ny) and seeing men walking round with tank tops on. i was always inspired to be in shape and be the excellent I might be. I wanted to be bigger, more potent, quicker. it is about making alternatives, approximately selecting what is right even when you don’t want to.

five. Do you have got a favourite exercise ordinary?

you've got to combine it up or your frame receives used to it, so I strive no longer to fall in love with any exercise ordinary. however I like to do sprints mixed with weights.

6. what is your diet like?

I do bird breasts, fish, greens. inside the morning, i've oatmeal. If I want to treat myself and feature some thing extra fun, greater pleasant, i'll do cream of wheat. i've my cheat days on the weekend every occasionally, but I handiest move loopy once or twice a 12 months.

7. what is your excellent health habit?

Being happy for other people, being grateful, having religion in God, and being comfortable internal. Your spirit incorporates a number of weight on the subject of your normal health. I have to sleep some more hours a night than I normally do.

8. Is there something approximately health you want you had recognised twenty years in advance?

No. I dealt with myself properly, and i'm ok wherein i'm at. I wasn't residing tough, I wasn't a party animal, and i assume that sincerely helped my profession toughness. i was up until five a.m. the previous day, however I wasn't partying. i was watching The Tudors.

nine. What do you like to do throughout your downtime?

I read my scripts. I watch documentaries, I examine some thing to hold my thoughts sharp on some stage. I rarely do something it is a entire and overall waste of time.

10. Your soar and Ball summer program for kids in Queens simply had its eleventh anniversary. Why is it so critical to you?

I recognize what it is want to be there and have in reality nothing to do within the summer time, and if you have nothing to do, it could result in mischief. So we supply these children an opportunity to do some thing. this is a extremely essential thing to me, and i am very captivated with it.

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