Diagnosing Low Testosterone

if you're an adult guy and you are wondering if you have a low testosterone (low T) degree, there are a few signs and symptoms to look for.

in case your testosterone stages drop under regular, your sex drive may also reduce. you may additionally be less capable of get and keep an erection.

but low T also can cause many signs and symptoms unrelated to intercourse. Low testosterone stages can:

decrease your energy stages
reduce your pressure to get matters executed
Make you extra irritable
you can additionally find it tougher to concentrate. And your chance of despair may upward push.

Low testosterone can result in changes on your body, too. for instance, you can:

develop much less body hair
Have a decline in muscle tissue
See an growth for your breast size
Low T also can cause osteoporosis, which step by step weakens your bones, leaving them brittle and at danger for breaks.

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Testosterone is also critical for muscle fitness.  Low T can purpose muscle atrophy, which also can result in expanded hazard of falling.  The heart is a muscle too and desires testosterone.

As testosterone stages drop frame fat increases, that can increase the chance for diabetes.

"guys ought to be aware of these symptoms and consider low testosterone," says endocrinologist Spyros Mezitis, MD, PhD, of Lenox Hill health center in ny metropolis. "Physicians should consider it as well. It remains below-diagnosed and it's not part of a ordinary checkup."

however these signs and symptoms also can be related to other situations. Make an appointment together with your physician, who can perform a little assessments to peer what's causing your symptoms.

at the doctor's workplace

whilst you visit the physician with signs of low T, your health practitioner will:

move over your scientific records
discuss medicines you are taking (prescription and non-prescription)
Ask you approximately any family or dating issues
"We need to look for different possible resources of the signs and symptoms," says Jason Hedges, MD, PhD. Hedges is a urologist at Oregon health and technology university in Portland. "different things can lead to those symptoms, such as your task, stress, and normal life."

you'll also have a physical exam. Your health practitioner will examine your frame hair, testicles, penis, scrotum, and breasts.

eventually, your medical doctor will take a blood pattern to degree your testosterone stage. Your health practitioner may also want to do the blood check first issue within the morning, while maximum guys's testosterone stages are at their highest.

The everyday range for overall testosterone is among approximately 300 and 1,000 nanograms per deciliter. in case you fall below that variety and have signs and symptoms of low T, the diagnosis is fairly sure.

but, signs can show up even if you have ordinary stages of overall testosterone. If it really is the case, your physician will possibly degree "free" and "bioavailable" testosterone. those kinds of testosterone make up a small portion of your total testosterone. however understanding their tiers can provide helpful clues approximately how well your frame is making testosterone. some docs will degree all 3 sorts of testosterone at the same time.

Hedges says creating a diagnosis can require more than simply following the numbers.

"You don't just deal with the extent, you treat the patient," he says. "when you have signs but are on the low give up of the regular variety, i would be willing to attempt to increase those tiers to see if the signs and symptoms improve."

finding the motive

in case you are identified with low testosterone, other assessments may be needed to get at the cause. as an instance, your doctor may order imaging tests to peer if your pituitary gland and testicles are operating nicely, Mezitis says. "At that point, a expert need to be concerned."

just do not be amazed if that professional is not able to decide the motive your testosterone has dropped.

"The process of the medical doctor is to look for causes," says Hedges, "however regularly there is not any to be discovered and sufferers are type of left with, this is the way it's miles and i don't know why.