Seth Meyers, Night Rider

Seth Meyers has plenty to smile approximately.

the previous Saturday night time stay fixture and contemporary late night time With Seth Meyers host enjoys what lengthy-distance runners consult with as being "within the zone."

Now, with an amazing 18 months under his belt as Jimmy Fallon's inheritor to NBC's 12:35 a.m. speak-show time slot, he is fully hitting his stride. And he looks, well, genuinely pleased to be there. So what is the secret to Meyers' success?

"Sleep!" he jokes. "now not simplest do i get eight hours every night time with my new time table, i get the identical eight hours. At SNL, absolutely everyone's usually a little bit ill. nobody's ever 100% -- all and sundry's were given half a cough and a bit of congestion, especially in wintry weather. because nothing breaks down the immune gadget at 3 a.m. on a Tuesday higher than a purple Bull and some pizza. this is an awesome manner of telling your body: 'you may allow me die now. I do not care about myself.'"

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the new Hampshire native, forty one, surely does care about his fitness, so don't take him too seriously. He ran song in high school and for years has endured to log five-mile runs 4 or 5 instances every week. you'll spot him strolling on a pedestrian path alongside the Hudson River, come rain or shine. And while several SNL stars over time have garnered adequate tabloid interest for legendary ranges of partying, Meyers' maximum addictive vice appears to be sporting round his miniature greyhound, Frisbee, everywhere he goes. How's that for being a wild and loopy man?

nonetheless, the comedian's pivot in 2014 from SNL performer and head writer to host of a nightly speak-fest became no cakewalk.

"I take the responsibility to be healthful enough to do the show every night very significantly," he says. "eating on the equal time each day, napping enough -- it all makes a difference. The component is, doing ‘Weekend update' [back on SNL] -- adrenaline can get you thru that. but it can not for past due night. no longer in the same manner."

it is why Meyers tactics his nonetheless-new gig like a marathon -- in place of the weekly unpredictable dash this is SNL. He has run a few marathons, so he is aware of the way to time his breath, persistence, and transport. The display is going on most effective if the host is healthy sufficient to steer it.

on the Run

"i was pretty sickly developing up," Meyers admits ruefully. "i used to be that kid who constantly had strep, bronchitis, and allergies. Then I went to college, and straight away my bronchial asthma got higher. I grew up around giant dropping dogs. It have become clear I should not be spending my teenagers round those hairy bastards." He jokingly thank you his parents for this, adding: "I nevertheless carry round my inhaler in my bag, simply in case. I without a doubt had to use it a few weeks in the past. in case you've ever had allergies, you simply experience safer having it with you."

breathing problems and a couple of-mile jaunts don't often jog well collectively. Did bronchial asthma maintain returned his athletic prowess?

"I ran tune in excessive college, but i used to be by no means a great, competitive runner," he says. "I lack all hand-eye coordination. jogging is the most effective recreation you can do where this isn't required. but i've by and large maintained [a running schedule]. I run during the brutal big apple winter! you are running, you're slipping -- the whole thing you're doing in your fitness you are likely undoing along with your capability for excessive damage."

seems, this runner has these days been struggling with knee issues, recognized as iliotibial (IT) band syndrome. it's a common sports injury amongst runners and cyclists, because of irritation and friction alongside the thick band of fibrous tissue that starts at the hip, runs along the outer thigh, and attaches just under the knee. The band works with different muscle tissues to offer balance to the knee at some point of motion. but if damaged, every time the knee is bent or the hip is flexed, the band rubs towards the bone, resulting in the deeply aching, increasingly more excessive pain known as "runner's knee."

Jeff Halevy, NBC health expert and teacher for first woman Michelle Obama's "let's move!" health initiative, explains that after such inflammation happens, the frame starts offevolved to move in much less-than-foremost ways. "It overcompensates with adaptive techniques in order to address these regulations. Knee ache isn't always damage. ache is described because the body's anticipation of risk. The frame thinks it is approximately to maintain structural harm, so the brain sends the frame a ache sign. Runners are notorious -- they get without a doubt accurate at schooling via pain. Minor ache then is going to real damage."

Meyers says he has a plan to do some pass-training so he can pound the pavement once more soon. "i have reached the age while it's no longer excellent smart to run and not cross-educate anymore."

Halevy concurs with this closing sentiment -- but only if Meyers does the right actions, which don't consist of hitting a swimming pool or bike route. "if you want to run without ache, you should restore power, stability, and mobility first."

lifestyles Cycle

even supposing the comic does comply with this advice and skips the outside biking, he's going to try a tough indoor biking class quickly -- or as a minimum inspire his enthusiasts to hop on recumbent bicycles for a first rate reason. it's because Meyers has served as the public face for Cycle for Survival given that 2009. The charity raises cash to assist develop remedies for uncommon cancers.

according to the country wide Institutes of health, a "uncommon cancer" is one which influences fewer than 200,000 humans in the america. They encompass mind, pancreatic, ovarian, and thyroid cancers, leukemia and lymphoma, all pediatric cancers, and many others. whilst those sorts are blended, they account for approximately half of all most cancers diagnoses. studies on many rare cancers is considerably underneath-funded, regularly leaving sufferers with constrained or no remedy alternatives.

"it is non-public," Meyers says of his involvement. "I went to university with [CFS co-founder] David Linn. He married Jennifer Goodman Linn, who was identified with an extraordinary cancer in 2006. She loved [indoor cycling] class. David has helped raise some thing like $100 million for Memorial Sloan Kettering most cancers center with Cycle for Survival activities -- a hundred% of which goes closer to funding research for uncommon cancers. Jennifer exceeded away some years ago. David continues it entering into her memory. And for me, it is the maximum inspiring day i have each 12 months."

remaining March, Cycle for Survival held events with Equinox gyms as its accomplice in thirteen U.S. towns, attracting some 21,500 riders, who together pedaled difficult (or hardly ever pedaled, depending on capability) while making a living for the cause. main up to the massive spin-out, Meyers teased a walking funny story on past due night time that he changed into competing against the charity's top earner, Perry Zimmerman, a tender-spoken 14-12 months-antique rare-cancer survivor whose very own crew Perry NYC raised a whopping $879,134.21 this yr on my own.

"She made almost $900,000. crew Seth made $15,000 -- a near 2nd! i love to say we made near 1,000,000 dollars, combined," he quips.

behind the curtain

while Meyers has no plans to go back as emcee for this yr's Emmy Awards (he hosted the display in 2014), he's tackling different large endeavors q4. They consist of a third season of his Hulu animated series, The Awesomes, plus the release of Documentary Now! a faux documentary display on IFC that Meyers created with fellow SNL alumni Fred Armisen and bill Hader.

"it is a distinct fake documentary each week, with six episodes," Meyers says of the display, which premiered Aug. 20. "Helen Mirren is hosting it, that is hilarious. She does the equal form of voiceover role Laura Linney does on Masterpiece. bill and Fred" -- who superstar inside the series -- "are superb," he provides.

among overdue night With Seth Meyers and his other tasks, the comedian/comic book fanatic/writer/manufacturer is absolutely a hectic guy. And a happy one, too: he's married.

Marriage is no funny story for Meyers -- except, of route, he has an opportunity to rib George Clooney approximately it. turns out, both good-looking main guys married human rights lawyers with an inherent ability for style. Meyers wed attorney Alexi Ashe in 2013 on Martha's vineyard.

"Married existence is outstanding," Meyers says. "i used to be very lucky to find such a terrific, caring, and sensible female to spend my existence with -- and he or she's loopy healthy. maximum of my robustness is due to her." He adds proudly: "we have a smoothie every day. And allow me be sure to mention: i am the only who makes the smoothies, due to the fact she leaves for paintings earlier than I do. Which makes me the husband of the yr."

Ashe frequently jogs along with her husband, and they motorcycle collectively too. And permit's not neglect the common strolling -- or is it "wearing"? -- of their first baby, Frisbee. should this sweet dog be a tribulation run for kids? "we are so nailing the canine element proper now," Meyers says. "If we do even half as well with youngsters, we're going to be simply first-rate."

Seth's quality

What maintains Meyers smiling? here are a few of his get-happy suggestions.

Get a dog. The funnyman famously dotes on Frisbee. For him, pup love is nothing new. in keeping with, the comic grew up in Bedford, N.H., with a "'giant Pyrenees that turned into so massive he ought to open the doors together with his paws." The Meyers extended family continually kept an antique English sheepdog, too.

locate your drive. whilst Jerry Seinfeld requested Meyers to appear on his online series, Comedians In vehicles Getting espresso, Meyers felt he'd died and long gone to heaven. "That become one of the finest 3 hours of my existence, getting to sit and have espresso with Jerry, one in all my heroes," he says.

Take laughter very critically. "Being SNL's head author become this kind of formative time in my life. I make nonsense for a living, so I ought to be no-nonsense in my technique to it. i get to do a comedy show every day! The praise is the comedy for an hour; the lead-up I take very seriously."

Be with family. Meyers is extremely near his. "My mother and father did an remarkable job. They nipped inside the bud at a young age that you could be something other than supportive or loving to a sibling, because your brother is likewise your best buddy," he says of actor Josh Meyers, 39, whom he is interviewed on overdue night.

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